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In 2023, the Ithaka Institute and Carbon Standard International joined forces to create C-Sink Sports. Here, we combine, for the first time, material and climate science. We are dedicated to designing high-end winter and water sports equipment for professional athletes, providing them the competitive edge to win. All our sports equipment incorporates carbon extracted from the atmosphere which contributes to climate cooling. C-Sink Sports athletes not only train and compete with a climate-neutral stance, but the global warming effect of their travel and lifestyle is compensated through certified global cooling services based on biochar, tree, and rock carbon sinks (C-Sinks).



To translate theory into reality, we found the best imaginable partner. Through previous contacts in the snowboarding scene and Marcel, the head of Oxess, being open to new ideas, the first alpine snowboards were developed, tested, and further developed.

The results were quickly convincing, providing a unique direction for material sciences with NanoCarbon. With the professional opinion of Maurizio Bormolini and now input from various other athletes (see on the website) in alpine snowboarding and border cross, the products gained traction

The results attained during the first World Cup seasons have sparked C-Sink Sport's curiosity about how and where the application of biochar could make a difference in seeking progress. In addition to the collaboration with Oxess, we engage in windfoiling and other water sports flying on the foil.

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